Here’s How Fuckbook Got Founded By 2 Harvard Drop Outs


If you’ve spent even a minute of your time on an explicit website, you’ve probably seen advertisements for the famous Fuckbook.

If you haven’t, then you can probably guess exactly what Fuckbook is without too much effort. In a nutshell, it takes the social media aspect of Facebook and the dating aspect of Tinder and combines it into one incredible website.

Fuckbook is seldom used to find a soulmate or a long-term partner. Instead, Fuckbook is a hub to arrange casual encounters between strangers in the night. If you’re looking to hookup with someone and not have to worry about texting them the next day, then Fuckbook is the site for you.

It maintains similarities with Facebook as much as possible. Unlike other dating sites, Fuckbook ensures that it mimics the connectivity-aspect of Facebook by employing a personal timeline, feeds on your homepage, status updates and so forth. On Fuckbook, users aren’t just limited to a short biography and a few pictures. They’re able to show a lot more about themselves.

While Fuckbook isn’t the only Facebook-inspired fuckbook app on the internet, it’s certainly the most popular. Additionally, its likeness to the social media colossus goes a lot further than just its name and its design. There’s a common history between the two that is eerily parallel.

Mark Zuckerberg, the now-billionaire who originally devised the idea for Facebook, is perhaps the most famous Harvard dropout in history. His life story reads like a Hollywood feel-good story (and has since been adapted into one), from leaving university due to feelings of un-fulfillment to revolutionizing the way modern society interacts with one another. It’s a tale almost too real to be true.

However, a little-known fact about the Fuckbook creators is that they actually followed an almost identical path. While their names have never been publically announced, the two brains behind Fuckbook dropped out of Harvard University a mere three years after Zuckerberg did. Using Zuckerberg as inspiration for their technological endeavors, they set about creating a variation of Facebook which would appeal to an entirely different userbase.

By this point, Facebook was already in full swung, and it was no secret that the social media platform was causing all manner of havoc amongst people’s relationships. Affairs and divorce rates were on the increase, and it was all thanks to Facebook’s global interconnectivity bringing horny people together. With the seed planted in their heads, this is what propelled the two anonymous Harvard dropouts to create a Facebook solely for the purposes of sex.

Today, Fuckbook boasts a staggering 100 million users. While not quite the revolutionary billion users that Facebook claims, it’s still an incredible achievement for two guys who left the most prestigious college in the world. This number is only on the increase as more people become aware of the possibilities Fuckbook allows for. The site’s reach is greatly expanding, and you may have seen it advertised on some of the most high-profile adult sites in the world.

If you’re looking a fuckbuddy, casual sex, a one night stand, or anything else – see what awaits you on Fuckbook tonight.  Or to see a review of the site then check out the video below.

Cougar Dating

Women Reveal Why They Don’t Mind Being A “Cougar”

We like to think we live in a world where labels don’t matter anymore. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a goth, hippy, nerd, punk, lefty, stoner, jock, freak, loner or loser – we like to think we can look past these labels and see the person beneath.

But the truth is: we can’t. We’re hardwired to assign people labels as it makes us easier to place them into a box. When we can’t figure a person out, we tend to dislike them. As a general rule, humans don’t like unpredictability, so we’ve figured out a way to assign an entire personality to a person by using single words alone.

When we hear the word stoner, we think of a lazy guy sitting on the couch eating Doritos and playing video games. When we hear hippy we might think of free-spirited girl running barefoot around a field. We imagine what these people look like and how they act. We imagine what they might do for a job and the kind of activities they like doing. In short: labels save us time.

So when we hear the word cougar, what pops into our heads? The image of a forty-something stunner, parading around in high heels, a leopard-print dress and an expensive handbag.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

While a lot of labels come with negative connotations, there’s nothing negative about the term cougar. In fact, almost everything about it is positive. The word has been criticized by feminists and certain authority figures over the years, but as the category is becoming more popular, more women are realizing it’s a term of endearment.

In fact, a lot of high profile celebrities have spoken of their love of being labelled a cougar. Cougars are the type of women who are having their cake and eating it. A lot of them career-focused, successful women don’t have the time or the desire to date men, so they’re taking their pick from the best men available. Those best men are usually younger guys – they have the stamina, the looks and physique which older men struggle to maintain.

Cougars usually fall into two categories: women who got married early, had kids, then their marriage gradually fell apart. This type of woman now makes up for lost time by sleeping with the guys she missed out on during her twenties and thirties.

Alternatively, the second type of cougar is the aforementioned career woman who never had time to meet her Prince Charming. She was likely too busy focused on creating a better life for herself, and so missed out on dating and hooking up.

Both of these categories of women, as I’m sure you’ll agree, are very attractive. Both types of cougar spent their youth pursuing what was right for them and have since taken the steps to make up for lost time. Cougars are the women who are living their life to absolute maximum. They aren’t sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen. They’re getting out there, meeting guys and having fun. They’re simply cougar dating and enjoying incredible sex with the best possible partners. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s a lot worse things to be labelled as than a cougar.

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