3 Incredible Facts About Frank Sinatra’s Life

Frank Sinatra: singer, actor, and producer. Some say he was a living legend. Some say that he’s as close as the US ever got to having royalty – well, other than Elvis. Anyways, Frank lives a life that was much more exciting than he led onto, which is one of the main reasons why I’m such a big fan. 

I mean the only thing cooler than living a life worthy of a major motion picture, is not making it public. But why? Come along with me, and we can discover the most interesting facts about Frank Sinatra’s life that he didn’t want us to know. 

Wasn’t Fit for Service

When things started heating up near the end of World War 2, Frank Sinatra wanted to do his part to help his country. However, due to a perforated eardrum, he was unable to join the armed forces. Some speculate that he was dodging the draft with a small injury. Of course, I think this is complete bullshit. 

Instead of serving his country on the battlefield, Frank found himself among the ranks of several overseas USO tours armed with his golden voice. He was going to entertain the troops during a difficult time, and he did a wonderful job. 

It’s been said that just being around his presence was entertaining as his singing, but when you combine the two you get a camp full of happy soldiers that are ready to get back out there and stop those goddamn Nazis. 

FBI Surveillance

I’m sure you’ve all heard all sorts of stories about how Frank Sinatra had a slew of mob ties under his entertainment-based persona. For this reason, the FBI started keeping a close eye on him in 1940 and didn’t stop until 1980.  

If Sinatra had any sort of ties with the mob, he sure as hell didn’t after that. I mean, could you imagine what it was like to have your home bugged, phones tapped, and privacy violated? Oh, wait. Isn’t that what our phones are for? 

Anyways, Sinatra denied any sort of involvement with the mafia, and although most people believed him, it was never disproven by an official investigation. And honestly, after finding out what happened with MK-Ultra, it’s hard not to imagine that some spooky government secrets are hiding just under the rug. 

John F. Kennedy

Frank Sinatra was indeed a friend of John F Kennedy. It all started along Kennedy’s campaign trail when Frank Sinatra agreed to sing his campaign song for him on the road. I can only imagine the hype Sinatra was able to produce with two members of American royalty on the lineup.  

After Sinatra’s alleged mafia ties, the two had a sort of a falling out. I could see why they stopped hanging out – I mean, best friends don’t conduct relentless special investigations on each other.  

Unfortunately, this all happened shortly before Kennedy’s assassination. It was reported that Sinatra was held up in his bedroom for days after Kennedy’s death, dealing with the feelings of loss that can only be described with a song. Losing a friend like that can drive a guy completely insane, but our Franky pulled through to create even more music with his son.