Fashionable Frank Sinatra T-Shirts on Amazon

I don’t care what anybody says – it’s possible to rep your biggest inspiration without coming off like a graphic-t dickwad. All you have to do is know how to shop smart – and how to log into your Amazon account. 

That’s right, folks. Anybody can grab these sweet T’s off the website that has it all: Amazon. Let me show you what I’m talking about by giving you a virtual tour of my closet. Let’s dive in!

PINCHA Frank Sinatra Shirt

This shirt is the perfect place to start this list. It’s a classic – the same photo taken when Frank Sinatra was in New Jersey on charges of seduction and adultery. How classic is that? Not to mention he’s 23 and looks like a stallion still.  

I think the biggest reason I’ve added this shirt to the list is because of its subtlety. Not a lot of people are going to know how the guy on your shirt is, and I can almost guarantee that they’d be interested to hear about it. I mean, who doesn’t like a good adultery story?

Photo Collage Shirt

I know what you’re thinking, “this shirt is too extra for me,” and you’d be right. Only the most hardcore fans could ever handle wearing this divine pattern. If you think you’re up to the challenge, go ahead and snag-up this shirt. It makes a bold statement, but you don’t have to do the same. 

Often times this style of shirt is reserved for memes and other kinds of bad jokes, but with this Sinatra-styled twist, you’ll be able to show the world how much you love those old tunes without walking around in a full three-piece suit and a fedora. That just doesn’t scream “chilled out” at all.  

I honestly have no idea how those classic old boys walked around all day in what could only be described as a sweaty coat – all without ever breaking a sweat. Well, it’s also probably because all those guys were constantly wiping their faces with dirty handkerchiefs every ten minutes. But I guess we’ll never know. 

Frank Sinatra Music Logo Graphic

This shirt is probably the most laid-back out of all the graphic Sinatra shirts I’ve seen. It features a simple design of Frank’s signature next to his signature fedora hat. If you’re not into the grey, you can always change the color on the website to fit your style.  

I love this shirt. There’s just something so classicly simple about this one that none of the other shirts seem to have in common. And I’ll admit, it’s not a very unique shirt, but it’s only like $15, so I honestly don’t see why you wouldn’t grab it up.  

If you’re more of a casual Sinatra fan, this shirt would probably be your first pick. Click on the link, and you’ll be able to see the sizes, colors, styles, etc. 

Sinatra – Recording Studio

Okay, here it is guys – the best shirt. It’s not flashy, or patterned, or minimalist. It’s just a beautifully-shot photograph of Frank in the studio, looking up as if he’s deep in thought, wearing a full suit.  

The composition of this photograph is the best part of the shirt – well, that and the fact that it’s completely devoid of text. I love shirts that say something by saying nothing at all. The most ambiguous, the better. 

Of all the shirts on this list, this one has to take the cake. And as a matter of fact, I actually own this shirt (as well as a couple of others on this list), and that’s because it’s only for the true fans. Nobody would know who that guy was unless they were real fans, and that’s what this shirt is all about.