Have someone special coming over and you want to make the most of your night? Do what I did, play some classic rock with a little sex appeal in it. There are so many great classics out there, but Frank’s greatest hits is my go-to for those nights when I’m trying to get into the mood.

There’s plenty of advice out there for how to fuck tonight (https://onlybros.com/fuck-tonight/ for example) but you still need to set the right mood. That way if I need an extra push, or if things aren’t going quite right, I can just pop on one of his tunes and let that sexy voice do all the work!

What makes Frank Sinatra great for hookups?

When he was still alive, no one could touch him as far as musicians went. Nowadays there have been plenty who’ve tried their hand at making music like the Frank Sinatra would—but none ever came close.

They’re good, sure, they’ll probably live forever, but you know, people will always love The Voice of a Generation. He was the ultimate entertainer; nothing else really mattered when he walked out onto the stage. I mean, look at that outfit! It screams sexiness.

And those lyrics… You don’t even have to listen closely to realize every single word had to be sung slowly enough for a woman’s breathy moans to carry them off without sounding like nonsense babbling. Not to mention how perfect that bass line sounds under each chorus.

Did you hear that? The bass! I wonder if it was played by the same guy who did the drums. How can you not want to make sweet passionate love to your man while listening to “Come Fly With Me?” Hell, I’m half tempted to break out my own guitar and join him in song just so we could play together again!

“Fly me to the moon,” he sings. What does that even mean? No one knows. If I were to ask him now though, I think I might get some sort of answer. He’d say something along the lines of ‘the sky is blue.’

Or, maybe ‘you’ll never find another girl quite like her,’ or ‘life’s short, baby, but these arms are long.’ See? Every time you put on this album, you learn new things about Frank. That’s part of what makes it great for fucking tonight: because the whole point is that you and whoever else may happen upon your stereo will feel sexy whenever his music comes on. And I know mine always feels sexy with him singing away.

How to set the mood

How would I use his music with someone special over for a night of sexing? First thing’s first—set up the mood. You know how people tell you to light candles when trying to seduce someone into sex? Well, that works too, if you can fit in candles around everything else, but since there’s no better way to turn any room into an intimate romantic space than by playing Sinatra’s greatest hits, why not go ahead and do that anyway?

Turn down all the lights but leave the window open so you can hear the waves crashing against the shoreline below; it won’t take much imagination to picture them lapping at your lover’s feet as he climbs atop your chest. Crank it up loud enough to fill the room and block out everything other than the sound of your hands running through each other’s hair.

If anyone should interrupt you (or if you don’t mind being interrupted), don’t worry, just play more of “Come Fly With Me” until they go back downstairs. Keep one eye closed throughout, only opening both eyes long enough to look deep into those lovers’ eyes in time with the music before closing them again.

By this time, you’ll probably be in a state where the song doesn’t need to even come close to matching his voice for it to work wonders on you. But for that extra kick, it wouldn’t hurt for him to actually sing along for a little bit during the chorus:

And I can see ever-lovin’ beauty

In her hair, her teeth, her eyes…

It will bring tears of joy from her eyes

And she will lay beside me

In ecstasy

Then kiss me softly on my lips!

That’s the moment you’ll know you’ve set things right for yourself and whoever else happens to wander into your room when Frank’s singing. There’s nothing like having someone who knows how to listen—and respond—to music while fucking all night long.

It brings everything together, and lets you really enjoy your time with your partner. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Not only are we all here to fuck, but if we can make love, then why not? We may not have forever, but tonight? Tonight is ours. So go ahead and let Sinatra take us away for the rest of our lives.